Government Solutions

Create Efficiencies and Make an Impact Through Print

Although certain industries can shift to electronic notifications for some of their correspondence, government agencies must rely on print communications. In some instances, government agencies have to mail out thousands of pieces of mail on a regular basis, which can put an enormous strain on both government employees as well as the office’s printers and other equipment. Government agencies have enough to do to keep the government running. You don’t need to add the burden of printing and mailing responsibilities to your already busy staff.

To make it easier for you Fort Orange Press offers one-stop shopping for the production, printing, mailing and fulfillment of all essential documents for government administration. Fort Orange Press offers printed products for government agencies at the federal, state, county and local levels. We produce the critical documents needed to serve your communities, including election ballots (for more information about ballot production go to Election), property tax statements, appraisal notices, utility bills, business licenses, public information materials, and more.

Government Services Offered By Fort Orange Press

When working with Fort Orange Press you are assured of accurate, high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

Our services are comprehensive and include:

  • Consulting, Client Portal and Project Management
  • Design, Prep and Production of all Materials
  • Data Management and Processing with CASS Certification
  • High-Quality Offset and Digital Printing
  • Variable Data Printing and Personalization
  • Custom Finishing and Bindery
  • Fulfillment, Mailing, and Shipping
  • Tracking and Reporting

Fort Orange Press helps state governments reduce the risks associated with managing and delivering private and personalized communications. We’ll help you maintain greater control over the integrity and assure 100% chain of custody of your documents and sensitive data by creating an audit trail and by using tracking and reporting tools that verify accuracy and accountability throughout the entire print and mail production process.

Government Products Offered By Fort Orange Press

Products for Federal, State, County and Town

  • Utility Bills
  • Business Licenses
  • Assessment Notices
  • Tax Documents
  • Public Notices and Reports
  • Home and Property Tax Bills
  • Public Information Materials
  • Newsletters/Brochures/Flyers

For more information or to schedule a call to discuss your specific election printing and mailing needs, email us at or call (800) 777-3233.