Political Solutions

Campaign Materials That Appeal to Every Voter

As a candidate, you have to make a quick and effective impact to get your message across to an audience that is often bombarded with information. Political campaign marketing offers many options to tell your story and ensure your message stands out and resonates with voters.

Political direct mail gives you a way to connect directly with potential voters by highlighting the most impactful parts of your campaign platform with tailored messages specific to an audience. Certain demographic information can be obtained from a voter list allowing you to customize your message.

Political signs and posters are a great way to build awareness and get noticed. It’s important to produce political signs that stand out from the competition. As a candidate, you also need to make sure your signage is high-quality and durable. Poor quality signs reflect poorly on your candidacy.

There is no better way to reach your constituents than by going directly to them. Distribute your message to the voter’s door with brochures and door hangers. Using print media can leave a more lasting impression than digital media. And door to door is a great way to gather information from voters. Information that helps improve and evolve your message. And don’t forget to have your constituents show their support with campaign buttons and bumper stickers.

If you are in the fundraising stage of your campaign then you need to consider developing materials that will have a strong call to action and drive donations from supporters. Having an interactive portion in your materials will increase engagement and improve results.

Political Services Offered By Fort Orange Press

When working with Fort Orange Press you are assured of accurate, high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

Our services are comprehensive and include:

  • Consulting, Client Portal and Project Management
  • Design, Prep, and Production of all Materials
  • Data Management and Processing with CASS Certification
  • High-Quality Offset and Digital Printing
  • Variable Data Printing and Personalization
  • Custom Finishing and Bindery
  • Fulfillment, Mailing, and Shipping
  • Tracking and Reporting

There are many options for political campaign marketing materials. Fort Orange Press is here to help at every step of the way. Since 1905, Fort Orange Press has been a trusted election partner and is one of the nation’s leading ballot printing and mailing experts. We have carried that expertise to political candidates in need of producing political campaign materials.

Political Products Offered By Fort Orange Press

Products for Political Campaigns

  • Political Campaign Direct Mail
  • Political Campaign Signage and Posters
  • Political Campaign Stickers and Buttons
  • Political Campaign Brochures, Rack Cards, and Door Hangers
  • Political Campaign Fundraising Materials

Whether you need print materials to build awareness, communicate your message, and capture voters’ attention, or a fundraising program that will resonate and engage donors, Fort Orange Press has the processes and people to deliver.

When you need to communicate through print, think Fort Orange Press.

For more information or to schedule a call to discuss your specific printing and mailing needs, fill in the request a quote form at bottom of this page or email us at sales@fortorangepress.com or call (800) 777-3233..