Nonprofits Solutions

Organizations Use Print Communications to Connect with Partners, Members and Donors

Nonprofit organizations are facing the ongoing challenge of increasing and improving membership and fundraising while seeing a decrease in budgets and staff. Fort Orange Press understands the hurdles nonprofit organizations face when it comes to attracting, engaging and retaining members, partners and donors under tight budget constraints. While many nonprofit organizations are turning to digital and online communications, print communications are still highly valued and effective, if done correctly. Recent studies show nonprofit personalized direct mail continues to outperform and appeal more to donors and recipients over online advertisements.

There are many effective and economical ways to share a nonprofit organization’s mission and message. A personalized print communications program can be very successful in sharing important information about your nonprofit organization’s goals, fundraising needs, and achievements. Nonprofit direct mail marketing is a tangible, personalized method of marketing that evokes emotion and generates responses. A personalized letter is one of the best ways to show a partner an organization’s appreciation for their ongoing financial commitment. There is also the use of calendars, booklets, brochures, newsletters and so much more that can get and keep a donor and member interested and engaged in a good cause. Additionally, qualified nonprofits can send nonprofit mailers at a significantly lower postage rate compared to most direct mail campaigns.

Nonprofits Services Offered By Fort Orange Press

When working with Fort Orange Press you are assured of accurate, high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

Our services are comprehensive and include:

  • Consulting, Client Portal and Project Management
  • Intelligent Design
  • Data Management and Processing
  • Offset and Digital Printing
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Custom Finishing and Bindery
  • Mailing and Shipping
  • Proprietary Tracking and Reporting

For more than 100 years, Fort Orange Press has provided the highest quality printing products and services to our clients. We develop print communications that share your value, personalize your message, engage your audiences and help you build and strengthen your organization.

Nonprofits Products Offered By Fort Orange Press

  • Association Communications, Newsletters and Publications
  • Member Acquisition, Engagement and Retention Direct Mail
  • Fundraising Appeals and Development Materials
  • Annual Reports and Corporate Collateral

Whether you need high-end corporate collateral to build your image, a fundraising program that will resonate or timely member-focused publications that will engage, Fort Orange Press has the processes and people to deliver.

When you need to communicate through print, think Fort Orange Press.

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