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Fort Orange Press Adds Envelope Conversion Equipment to its Vote-by-Mail Operations

Albany, NY –– Fort Orange Press, one of the nation’s leading ballot printing and mailing companies, has added envelope converting equipment to its vote-by-mail operations. Fort Orange Press purchased the 410EE envelope converter from German manufacturer W+D. The 410EE envelope converting machine purchase comes on top of Fort Orange Press’s investment in several intelligent inserters to best serve the high integrity demands of the vote-by-mail industry.

Purchasing the envelope converter allows Fort Orange Press to produce envelopes in-house and prevents the printing and mailing company from relying on sourcing envelopes in short supply for vote-by-mail production.

“Long-term supply chain and paper manufacturing trends have put the supply of envelopes for elections at risk. The in-house envelope converting equipment will allow Fort Orange Press to quickly and easily produce envelopes according to exact election specifications. Additionally, the new conversion technology offers in-line printing of variable data, offering workflow efficiencies and improving turnaround time, says Robert F. Witko, CEO and President of Fort Orange Press. 

Andrew Schipke, W+D’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Sales, adds, “the 410EE has speeds of up to 30,000 envelopes per hour and can change envelope sizes within an hour, making the machine responsive to last-minute changes and ‘drop dead’ mailing dates common in the vote-by-mail marketplace.”

Witko emphasizes, “beyond the speed of production, the 410EE converter also helps us up the ante with anti-counterfeit measures like spot embossing for the outer envelope and hot melt peel & seal for the oath/reply envelope. As a leader in vote-by-mail services, Fort Orange Press continually seeks and acquires best-in-class solutions to provide security and integrity to the election process. The new envelope converter is another example of how we deliver on our commitment.”

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