Absentee Ballot Applications

Fort Orange Press has two options for printing and mailing absentee ballot applications. 

(Option 1)

Smart Absentee Ballot Application –– Acc-U-Reg™

Fort Orange Press has developed a proprietary smart absentee ballot application called Acc-U-Reg™. Acc-U-Reg uses smart scanning technology to minimize manual intake and entry. Acc-U-Reg  adds an extra layer of security by digitizing and capturing voter information (including signature) for reconciling with existing registration database information. This smart absentee ballot solution saves crucial time, provides security and assures greater accuracy.


(Option 2)

Traditional Absentee Ballot Application 

If you are unable to take advantage of the Smart Absentee Ballot Application product –– Acc-U-Reg™  –– then we can offer you a traditional absentee ballot solution. Though the traditional application is not as technologically advanced as Acc-U-Reg™, requiring manual data entry and more time to complete, it is an effective and accurate option. 


To find out more about our Absentee Ballot Application Solution – Download the product sheets or call 800-777-3233 or email at election@fortorangepress.com