Mail Services

Continued investment into technology-driven equipment, has enabled Fort Orange Press to handle even the most complex mailings within our in-house mail facility. 

Services Provided Include (but are not limited to):
  • Variable Printing  /  Personalization
  •  Letter Inserting  (Single or Multiple Pieces)
  • Intelligent Inserting (Match Mailing)
  • Tabbing  (Wafer Seal)
  • Inkjet Addressing
  • Intelligent Bar-Coding  for Tracking
  • Database Management & List Generation
  • Merging & Purging of Lists   (Update files with record additions, changes, and or deletions)
  • Postal Pre-Sort, NCOA, CASS Certified
  • Presorting for maximum postal discounts
  • Zip Code Verification & Correction   (verify or correct 5 digit zip codes)
  • Zip + 4 Coding for faster mail delivery
  • Sort, Bag, Tie, Bundle & Palletize

Printable 2021 Postage Rates (Updated January 24, 2021)