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COVID-19’s Impact on Elections

COVID-19 has changed the way we do business, how we live our lives and how we will vote in the 2020 elections. Whether you call it an enhanced absentee ballot or vote-by-mail, all organizations will need to change the way they run elections.

Some states, counties and districts are first sending an application to voters, others are mailing absentee ballots directly to all registered voters. Either way, it is going to take a collaborative effort to assure that all election requirements can be met in order to have successful and safe elections.

We want to assure you that Fort Orange Press is ready and able to deliver on all your election requirements, now and in the future. By implementing cutting-edge technologies, we have added new levels of security, refined production and amped up output to guarantee that the increasingly complex demands of ballot printing and mailing will be met seamlessly. Fort Orange Press has been a trusted partner to Boards of Elections since 1905. We take pride in the legacy we have earned and in our role in helping to shape our democracy, and we strive every day to evolve with the challenges with which we are faced. 

To help election officials, we have developed an enhanced absentee ballot package with a clear timeline and step-by-step process for successfully accomplishing vote-by-mail initiatives. We are ready to guide you through the requirements and prepare you for a seamless transition.

Key drivers to ensure a successful outcome of the enhanced absentee ballot mailing solution:


Technological and procedural readiness is essential to accommodating evolving voting requirements and processes, and it is paramount to success. The timeline for vote-by-mail is rigorous and will only tighten as details continue to unfold. Our workflow and solution includes a regimented schedule of protocols, procedures and timelines which must be met in order to ensure a successful outcome. 


There are changes to the process that require a new level of integration. Our enhanced absentee ballot mailing solution incorporates a comprehensive checklist of requirements and easy to use templates in order to meet the stringent time-sensitive deadlines and for quality assurance. 

Our Offer

If you want to learn more about how Fort Orange Press can solve your election concerns, please contact us at 800-777-3233 or by emailing us directly at election@fortorangepress.com