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Download Files

Fort Orange Press provides FTP uploading/downloading of customer files, making the transport process simple. This service requires you to have FTP software installed on your computer. To obtain access to our server, please contact your account representative. If you need more help, contact a Fort Orange Press representative and someone will be able to assist you. Please notify your account representative or customer service representative via email when your files have uploaded successfully.

Fort Orange Press has the ability to accept your files via email, send your files to print@fortorangepress.com. Alternatively, Fort Orange Press will always accept your
pre-press files on standard electronic media, in DVD or CD format. (Please include a laser copy proof representative of your electronic files.)

To FTP Files to Fort Orange Press:

  1. Below is a link to FTP your files to us:

  2. To FTP your files to Fort Orange Press: You must first acquire a customer secured username and password. To obtain your username and password please contact us via email: print@fortorangepress.com

  3. To obtain FTP software:
    Below is a link to obtain FTP software for both Mac and PC operating systems:
    c|net - download.com